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Taking proper care of your countertop is important. Be sure to take advantage of these stone, granite and marble care tips to keep your countertops looking their best. Properly protected stone surfaces will stay beautiful and well maintained for years to come. Here are a few simple steps to keep your stone surface countertops always looking their best:

  • Do not allow spills from fruit, juices, wines, vinegar or other acidic liquids to linger on the granite surfaces. Blot up spills immediately before they penetrate or dry onto the surface.
  • Daily maintenance will prolong the life of your countertop, however, don’t use abrasive cleaners.
  • Wipe up acidic or alcoholic beverage spills quickly and use coasters under glasses.
  • Soils from dirt, dust and smoke may deposit a hazy film onto the surface. Clean and polish regularly with a top-quality granite care product.
  • Sealed granite is not immune to staining. Consult with our professionals here at MG Marble & Granite Designers, Inc. to determine how often your countertop should be resealed.
  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaners like glass cleaner, high pH solutions, abrasive powders or soapy detergents that may dull and damage the surface.
  • Avoid using scouring pads, rough sponges and steel wool.
  • Use only neutral pH products to clean granite. Avoid alkaline or acidic solutions as they can mar and dull the seal.
  • While stone surfaces are generally heat-resistant, it is recommended to use trivets or placements under hot items and beneath items that may scratch.
  • Always buff and dry granite after cleaning.
  • Use a cleaner and polish in one to brighten the stone’s natural color and veining while restoring its glossy finish.
  • Consider resealing when water droplets no longer bead on the surface.