A growing number of homeowners are finding the value and beauty in their own homes. If you’re ready to turn your current home into your dream home, it all starts in the kitchen. At MG Marble & Granite Designers, we know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We know that the right kitchen upgrades can help reinvigorate your home’s designs. It all starts with the best granite countertops. If you’re ready for a great kitchen, let our experts at MG Marble & Granite Designers help with the best countertops and design services!

Why Choose Granite Countertops in West Palm Beach?

Granite Countertops Delray BeachUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen granite countertops all around. This countertop choice has taken kitchen design trends by storm. Granite is here to stay, thanks to its wide array of benefits and great features. When you choose granite countertops,  you’re choosing countertops that offer:

    • Scratch Resistance
    • Durability
    • Heat Resistance
    • Mold & Mildew Resistance
    • Easy Cleaning
    • Stylish Looks
    • Unique Patterns
  • Simple Upkeep

No matter the style you choose, our granite countertops are never short on style and durability. In fact, it’s these two features that have helped to solidify granite as the top countertop choice!

At MG Marble & Granite Designers, we know that no countertop is as ubiquitous as granite, and for great reason! This countertop has found its way into kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, outdoor BBQ areas and even office buildings. With great looks and serious strength, granite is the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom or other design project!

Should I use granite for my bath vanity?

When choosing a surface material for your bath vanity, it’s important to consider durability. At MG Marble & Granite Designers, we know that our granite countertops are also perfect for bath vanity designs! That’s because granite can help add natural textures to your bath design while also bringing impeccable strength.  

How can I find the best granite locally?

If you’re looking for the best granite for your next project, whether it’s in your kitchen, your bath or any other space, you need the best help! At MG Marble & Granite Designers, we can help you find the very best granite around. Then, we’ll expertly fabricate your granite into the best granite countertops in the area! Finally, we’ll provide the best services to help bring great surfaces and peace of mind. When you’re looking for the best granite, our services at MG Marble & Granite Designers are a solid choice!