Granite and Marble in Delray Beach

If you hear of many people wanting granite countertops throughout their home in Delray Beach, but don’t know why, we have some answers. There are many materials to use for your countertops, but granite is a one of the best and here is why.

Granite can hold up to a lot of beating. When you get a new countertop, you want it to hold up to any wear and tear. Buying a quality product is necessary to keeping an exquisite home. Granite countertops are heat resistant, scuff resistant and easy to clean. You can be assured that when you purchase granite countertops in Delray Beach, you can have them to the test of time.

Each piece of granite is formed from cooling pockets of magma that are trapped between the earth’s surface. Granite is certainly the earth’s masterpiece. Because every piece of rock is composed of a different color and pattern, they are truly unique. No two granite countertops are the same yet each piece is filled with beauty and luxury.

Granite is not only one of the strongest and gorgeous countertops you can have in your Delray home, it makes your home stand out. Because your granite countertop is essentially one of a kind, no other person can purchase the same pattern or color. You can use granite for countertops, cabinetry, backsplashes, and floors. Your options are unlimited when you bring granite into your home.

If you are considering purchasing a granite countertop in Delray Beach, please contact MG Marble & Granite Designers, INC. for all your granite needs at (561) 274-2844.  We are the number 1 stone specialist in the South Florida region. By hand selecting each piece of marble for your home, we provide the best product to fit your price range.

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